Have you read The Law?

Joshua Steele · December 3, 2008

With all that’s been going on of late in the political world, I decided to pull out my copy of The Law by Frederic Bastiat and read through it again. The Law is a very short book (sometimes even referred to as “pamphlet”) but it is truly revolutionary in the strictest sense of the word.

Walter Williams, an economics professor at George Mason University, said this in his introduction to The Law:

I must have been forty years old before reading Frederic Bastiat’s classic The Law. An anonymous person, to whom I shall eternally be in debt, mailed me an unsolicited copy. After reading the book, I was convinced that a liberal-arts education without an encounter with Bastiat is incomplete. Reading Bastiat made me keenly aware of all the time wasted, along with the frustrations of going down one blind alley after another, organizing my philosophy of life. The Law did not produce a philosophical conversion for me as much as it created order in my thinking about liberty and just human conduct.

If you love freedom, you will be blessed by reading The Law. Here’s where to get it:

Read online | Free audio bookThe Law in Russian

To God be the Glory

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