In Him was life...

Kelsie Steele · December 23, 2008

“Did you notice that Roman brought a Bible with him this time?”

“Yes! and Bohdan, who sat next to me, was able to locate all the Scripture references as we went.”

“And we had ALL guys! It was a men’s Bible study!”

“And our new rock climbing friend came too, and stayed the whole time.”

“It seemed like you really had their attention during the preaching.”

If you could’ve overheard Joshua and I after English Club/Bible study this evening, you would’ve heard something like the above. We were greatly encouraged and excited, to say the least. We had a great group of six men tonight, many of whom showed key signs of interest in God’s Word.

Joshua preached from John chapter 15 and hit on some powerful subjects. One clear theme, among others, was that in Christ is LIFE, and outside of him there is NO life. I had proverbial tingles down my spine from the simple yet clear truths presented that could change these men’s lives forever if they get ahold of them.

Thanks so much to all of you that are making a special effort to pray for this ministry. Know that you are making a difference in the kingdom of God. We believe that God is drawing hearts to Himself. Please continue to pray with us for the salvation of those who are coming.

To God be the Glory

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