Welcome Bryan Shufelt!

Joshua Steele · January 20, 2009

This week, we are excited to announce the arrival of a new ETO team member: missionary Bryan Shufelt. Bryan served here in Ukraine with us during CMO 2006, and proved himself a capable and faithful minister of the Gospel. Bryan is sent out Fairpark Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

Bryan Shufelt {: .article-image .article-image–has-caption} Bryan Shufelt {: .caption-text .article-image__caption}

As a new missionary on the field, some of Bryan’s initial goals include language and culture studies. He will be starting formal Ukrainian classes right away, studying under the same lady who has taught the rest of our team. Bryan will also be living with a Ukrainian brother from the local church we attend. This man does not speak any English, so Bryan should have plenty of opportunity to practice his language skills!

To stay in touch with Bryan and his work in Ukraine, please visit his blog: shufelt.euroteamoutreach.org. If you like, you can subscribe to his e-mail updates and be kept abreast of his latest news and prayer requests.

Bryan preaches on the street in L'viv, 2006. {: .article-image .article-image–has-caption} Bryan preaches on the street in L’viv, 2006. {: .caption-text .article-image__caption}

Please remember Bryan and his ministry in your prayers. We are very grateful to have a new team member serving with us, and we look forward to the things God will do in the days to come.

To God be the Glory

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