How to Study the Bible

Kelsie Steele · March 11, 2009

We had our core group of men show up last night for English Club and Audio Bible Study (ABS)! As time has passed, we feel we have really gotten to know this group and that our friendships are steadily growing.

Several men joined us last night for English Club and ABS. {: .article-image .article-image–has-caption} Several men joined us last night for English Club and ABS. {: .caption-text .article-image__caption}

Each week, the Word of God is preached and they are staying to listen. As we teach the Bible, we feel it is paramount that they understand we are not just another religious group putting forth our own ideas about the Bible, trying to dogmatically convince them of our personal views. Rather, we make every effort to show them that anything we teach comes directly from the Word of God, a source they can easily access for themselves. With some simple studying they can know for themselves exactly what the Bible says and whether we are indeed speaking truth.

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Last night, Joshua did a great job of laying out simple steps to studying the Bible and drawing accurate conclusions about what it teaches. We hope that this message will benefit not only those who were present, but many others who will hear the recording of it in the days to come.

“Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.” Proverbs 30:5 {: .article-text–centered}

To God be the Glory

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