Skype Switcheroo

Joshua Steele · September 10, 2010

Just to keep everybody guessing, Kels and I have decided to shake up our Skype accounts a bit. Here’s the deal:

  • Kelsie’s new account: joshandkels (this was previously Joshua’s account)
  • Joshua’s new account: joshukraine

The kelsiesteele Skype account still exists but is not being used right now. Also, for the record, if you call our Skype phone number (817-349-6412), it rings to the joshandkels account as it always has. That means that for those of you who like to call Kels, you can reach her faster! And for those who like to call Josh, you’ve got to go through our family secretary and request access. ;) Yep, we did that on purpose.

So anyway, here’s the summary:

If you’re a Kelsie friend, be sure you have joshandkels in your contact list. You can remove kelsiesteele. If you’re a Josh friend, be sure you have joshukraine in your contact list. If you want to call the Skype number … umm just call it. That hasn’t changed! And finally, if you’re really confused right now, don’t sweat it. It’s just Skype.

To God be the Glory

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