A Quick Update

Joshua Steele · March 7, 2011

This morning, I arrived in L’viv on an early train from Kyiv, where I had spoken at two Baptist churches. Last week, while speaking at a conference for Campus Crusade for Christ, I met the Ukrainian director of student ministry within Campus, Sergiy Kryvonos. He invited me to come and speak to his church on one of the topics I had taught at the conference: Hearing from God. This session explores the concept of finding God’s will, and in general learning to hear His voice and follow. My time to speak at Sergiy’s church was scheduled for the evening service, and in the morning I was invited to speak at a smaller church in a suburb of Kyiv.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures for this post, but I just wanted to provide a quick report and to thank those of you who prayed for me during this time. I believe that God was honored and that saints were encouraged to follow Him.

Immigration Update

Another piece of very good news is that things are looking up in the immigration arena. While in Kyiv, I also picked up a letter of invitation which will allow Kelsie and me to apply for religious visas. Nathan and Katelin Day should also be receiving a similar letter this week. The four of us are scheduled to travel to Krakow this coming Monday, where we will submit our documents at the Ukrainian embassy. Please pray that we will receive our visas quickly and without any complications.

The benefit of having a religious visa (type R) is that we will not have to be concerned with registration for the entire term of our visa! Ukrainian law states that those entering the country with a type R visa are automatically registered for the term of the visa, not just for 90 days. This will be a huge plus for us and will mean fewer trips across the border. We’ll post more info on this situation as it becomes available. Thanks for praying!

To God be the Glory

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