Today We Fly

Joshua Steele · November 4, 2012

As we fly today, please remember us in your prayers. Here are a few specific requests to keep in mind.

  • Pray for safety as we fly.
  • Pray for health for everyone. Travel stress is a great way to get sick!
  • Pray that all our luggage arrives on time and intact. (All 16 pieces of it!)
  • Pray for a successful border crossing into Ukraine. Specifically, pray that we would not be hassled by immigration officials or customs control. Both are quite corrupt and love to get bribes when they can.
  • Pray for my computer. I’ve now had the display replaced three times. Once I get to Ukraine, I can no longer have it serviced by Apple. Pray that it will last and perform well. It’s vital to our ministry.
  • Pray that we will be able to get reacclimatized quickly to Ukraine (think jet lag) and resume our work without any hinderances.

We’ll post more updates when we can. For now, Ukraine, here we come!

To God be the Glory

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