Our Love Story, Part 3: Dating the Dad?

Joshua Steele · December 14, 2012

In our modern culture, many Christian young men scoff at the idea of contacting a girl’s father before pursuing a relationship with her. “After all, she is an adult. Let her make her own decision.” While I realize that there may be exceptions, my position to this day remains the same: if at all possible, ask Dad first. The benefits of such an approach are numerous, and in my case, though a bit nervous initially, I never regretted for a moment my decision to correspond with Kelsie’s father before making my intentions known to her.

When Danny and I began emailing, I had no idea what to expect. But I knew that for now, Kelsie was under his jurisdiction and if I wanted a chance at winning her heart, I first needed to obtain Danny’s permission. I invited him to go at his own pace, to ask whatever questions he wanted, and to take whatever steps he felt were necessary in order to assure himself that I was ready and able to love, lead, and provide for his daughter in marriage.

Our early emails were largely composed of basic facts about our two families. He asked many questions about my upbringing and my ministry. In turn he also told me a lot about their family. Far from the extended grilling I had feared, I found that Danny and I actually got along quite well. He was very positive and encouraging. As I would later learn, Danny had felt strongly for a couple of months that God was about to bring Kelsie’s life partner onto the scene, and he had been waiting. From the time he read my first email, he strongly sensed that this courtship was God’s design.

I think it is no coincidence that of all the players in this particular courtship drama, it was Kelsie’s father who was the first to be convinced in his heart that this was a marriage made in heaven. Before I even knew the name Kelsie Powell, God had impressed upon Danny that the time was near.

Part 4: Let’s Tell Kelsie

To God be the Glory

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