We still don’t have a new “official” family photo since Mia’s arrival, but this impromptu shot in the living room turned out pretty nicely! Clockwise from the top: Joshua, Kelsie, Mia (4 mos.), Rebekah (11), Abigail (14), Macie (dog), Hosanna (9), David (2), Kathryn (4).

Fall Family Photos

Joshua Steele · December 13, 2019

It’s true, fall is nearly over. All the more reason to share some of the photos we’ve snapped over the past couple of months! We’ll have a newsletter coming out soon, but in the meantime, here are a handful of memories from our life in L’viv.

As always, we’re grateful for your prayers and support as we minister!

We recently had to travel to the city of Vinnytsya (~6 hrs. east of us) to get new passports. All in all, it was a fun road trip!
We stayed in a small apartment, and everyone had their own nightstand. Kathryn was particularly pleased with this arrangement. 😁
Thanksgiving dinner with friends in L’viv!
Ear muffs are the new must-have trendy accessory at our house.
“Wow Dad, how’s the weather up there?” 🌦
Last month, Hosanna turned 9. Mom and the older girls outdid themselves with this hand-made Lego Hobbit cake!
Out for a walk with Mom to grab a cup of tea at our local McDonald’s
Little Mia is a pretty happy kid. We love her precious smiles! 🥰
Abby and Hosanna have recently started singing with the music group at our church. It’s been a great opportunity for them to be more involved with our Ukrainian friends in ministry.
“Well, hello there!” 🥰 (Somebody will be crawling before you can say “cute baby bow”!)
Bedtime is a special time for piggy-back rides, silly songs with Dad, and cozy covers.
The littles have a special alarm clock in their room — a puppy holding a ball that glows red during the night. When it’s time to get up, the ball glows green. So we have this rhyme they like to repeat at bedtime: “When the light is red, we stay in bed. When the light is green, we may be seen!”
We often enjoy walks along the various trails and sidewalks near our apartment building. L’viv in the fall is beautiful! 🍁
Our dog Macie has really grown to be part of the family. ❤️ She and Abby are especially close with Macie following Abby most everywhere she goes.
Family time at the playground! Good thing big sister is along to help the little guys navigate the tunnels. 😉
To God be the Glory

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