Mom and kids gather for a group hug on Kelsie’s birthday.

Little Artists and Producers

Kelsie Steele · May 15, 2020

David often asks me, “Is the bad sickness over yet?” I look forward to the day when the answer to that question will be yes. But for now, the Steele family is doing just fine.

We’re grateful to be together and healthy, and to have work to do. Here’s a look at some of our family’s activities during the past few weeks.

During quarantine, our family’s helper, Bohdana, has not been able to come. We miss her!
Taking the grocery store by storm. (With a large family, that’s not too far from the truth!) 😅
Sweet Rebekah was the proud confectioner behind my birthday cake!
Playing Catan on my birthday. Sadly, they didn’t let the birthday girl win! This was the first of many games over several weeks.
Everyone gets involved in the gift giving, even the little ones.
Our Resurrection Day family photo
Abigail recently decided to go on a special food plan for health and weight management. She prepared this healthy carrot cake to fit the protocol!
CMO 2020 had to be cancelled, but the CMO men decided to meet up anyway over Zoom. Some of them are even planning to get together for outreaches in the U.S.
David educates Mia on the finer points of cars and trucks. 😉
Abigail and Rebekah take training in a graphics design program. They hope to be able to help lay out Bible First material in future!!
Little artists making self-portraits.
Kathryn’s finished product.
When you have older artists in the family, you receive amazing portraits like this one on your birthday! Credit: Abigail, age 14
The original photo and a winsome subject.
Trying not to dye anything but eggs. 😇
Since we can’t go outside as much lately, I tried to bring the outside in. Potting soil made a perfect construction zone!
🎶 Sisters, sisters 🎶
To God be the Glory

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