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Are We Safe?

Kelsie Steele · February 13, 2022

My mom made a comment to me about my husband several years ago. She said, “I think Joshua has good judgment. I would feel safe with him.” I don’t even remember the circumstances that prompted that remark, but recently I have thought of it several times. Due to Ukraine’s recent place on the world stage, there has been a lot of interest in what our family would do. Joshua has read article after article on this situation, (English, Ukrainian, and Russian) listened to interviews, watched videos, read feedback from military professionals, and even read or watched Russian propaganda on the subject. One thing that everyone agrees on is that Russia taking all of Ukraine in one fell swoop is unrealistic. It is unlikely that L’viv, which is far to the West, would be attacked. The American Embassy even underscored this by evacuating their personnel to L’viv. (Other foreign embassies have done the same.) Various American missionaries we know in L’viv all plan to stay, in fact we don’t know of anyone in this area who is leaving.

In short, we do not feel that our family is under imminent threat.

Having said that, we are keeping our eyes open and have options in mind should evacuation be necessary at some point in the future. We are sincerely grateful to each of you who has reached out and for those praying for guidance and safety for our family. I wholly concur with my mom’s faith in Joshua’s judgment and beyond that I am confident that God holds us safely in His hands. Our hope is to be an encouragement to the Ukrainians here and to keep moving forward with our work.


To God be the Glory

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