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Events are unfolding quickly here, and today we have time only for a few short lines. We are now nearing the close of the third day of Russia’s evil and brutal war against Ukraine. As I write, fighting rages in the city streets of Kyiv while families huddle in underground subway stations. And yet, the Ukrainians seem to be surprising everyone with their courage and skill! I’m told that the Russian army has lost more men in the past three days than during their entire campaign in Syria.

Here in L’viv, things remain safe — no direct missile or troop attacks — but air raid sirens are heard multiple times a day. Often this is due to Russian aircraft sightings tens or even hundreds of kilometers away. Since it is impossible to know the plane’s (or drone’s) target, air raid sirens are activated in all cities deemed to be in range.

As we have continued to observe these developments, and especially as we consider the safety of our children, Kelsie and I have made the very difficult decision to evacuate our family from Ukraine. Border crossings can be agonizingly long — 40+ hours in some cases — but we feel that the growing risks of remaining in L’viv have become too great.

Today we completed our final preparations for departure, knowing that we may never have opportunity to return. In a matter of hours, we will drive south through the Carpathian Mountains towards the border city of Uzhhorod, and from there across into Slovakia. We expect the initial drive to the border to take about 5 hours, but the actual crossing could be many times that.

It is with deep sadness in our hearts that we leave behind our precious Ukrainian friends, praying fervently for them as they defend their homeland. We believe that someday — maybe sooner than many suppose — Ukraine will again be free of war, and when that day comes, by God’s grace, we will return.

May God bless Ukraine!

To God be the Glory

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