The new printing of Good and Evil in Ukrainian will be here soon! This special edition includes all the standard body content which makes Good and Evil awesome, but the book now features a patriotic cover design as well as a new foreword dedicated to the Ukrainians’ struggle for freedom.

Presses Rolling

Joshua Steele · July 25, 2022

Today we have a quick but exciting update for you: the printing presses in Kyiv are rolling! Actually, they have been rolling for a couple of weeks, but now we have pictures. 🤩 These are exciting times, and we are thrilled to have this special Ukrainian edition of Good and Evil coming very soon.

When the war began on February 24 (now over 5 months ago!) we had between two and three thousand books on hand. These supplies are now completely exhausted, with cases of books having been sent all across Ukraine via churches, missionaries, and humanitarian groups. Limited distribution has also occurred in Poland and Slovakia among Ukrainian communities.

We continue to receive regular requests for Good and Evil, and we can’t wait to have the book back in stock. Please keep supporting this effort in your prayers. We believe that God will use this book to bring many to salvation!

Check out these photos of Good and Evil being printed right now in Kyiv!

To God be the Glory

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