Milena Slyusarchuk, director of the “Hostesses of Radekhiv”, visits soldiers on the front lines in Ukraine.

This interview is long overdue for publishing, but today it’s finally ready. In this episode, we take you once again to the small Ukrainian town of Radekhiv — this time for an interview with the director of the “Hostesses of Radekhiv”, Milena Slyusarchuk. You’ll be sobered, inspired, and I hope challenged by Milena’s story. Listen as she shares her firsthand experiences bringing aid to soldiers on the front lines of Ukraine’s war against Russian tyranny.

Thank you so much for listening to our podcast! Please share this episode with your friends, and pray for our family as we continue ministering to Ukrainians in Eastern Europe.

How to Donate to “Hostesses of Radekhiv”

If you would like to donate to “Hostesses of Radekhiv” (Радехівські господині) you can do so directly via SWIFT transfer. For the uninitiated, this can seem a complicated process. We’ve recently used an online service called Wise for this, and it works very well. If you want to donate and need help, feel free to contact us directly. We’ll walk you through it!

Banking Data

You can find full donation details on their Facebook page here. There are multiple accounts and currencies, including EUR and USD. Here the essentials for their USD account:

  • IBAN: UA923257960000026009301090776

How You Can Pray

  • Pray for soldiers serving in Ukraine. Pray that they would receive not only physical aid, but also the Gospel. These are days to consider eternity.
  • Pray for our residency in Ukraine. We have submitted our documents, and we are now waiting to receive our new cards.
  • Praise the Lord for continued progress with our Good and Evil book distribution outreach.
  • Pray for God’s direction for our family regarding a permanent return to Ukraine. Decision time soon…
  • Pray for preparations for our CMO project this summer.
  • Pray for peace and liberty in Ukraine.

Keep scrolling for more photos from our visit to Radekhiv…

To God be the Glory

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