On a hot day in August, our family and the CMO team gathered at a hospital for wounded Ukrainian soldiers in L’viv. We went room to room, singing Ukrainian songs and sharing the Gospel.

Loving Ukraine

Joshua Steele · October 19, 2023

We’re back with more news from our family and ministry in Ukraine, but also an important announcement. This will be the final episode of the Journey to Ukraine podcast. While we are sad to have reached the end of this chapter, we’re glad that our journey has brought us home to L’viv! Ukraine remains free, but the war is not over, and there are new challenges ahead. Please join us for this special episode as we share what’s next for the Steele family in Ukraine!

Thank you so much for listening to our podcast! Please share this episode with your friends, and pray for our family as we continue ministering to Ukrainians in Eastern Europe.

Links from the Episode

Ukraine News Sources

How You Can Pray

  • Praise the Lord for victories this summer during CMO 2023.
  • Pray for the many Ukrainians who heard the Gospel during CMO.
  • Pray that God would continue to bless our Good and Evil distributor program. We’ve now gone through more than half our total stock!
  • Pray that God would grant us strength, courage, wisdom and direction as we continue to serve Him in Ukraine.
  • Pray for safety and stable electricity through the winter months. Pray for protection from Russian missile attacks.
  • Pray for our daughter, Abigail, as she spends a few months in the US for work and study. She is currently living with Kelsie’s parents.
  • Pray for health and strength for our family.
  • Pray for a swift Ukrainian victory over their oppressors.
  • Pray for peace and liberty in Ukraine.

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To God be the Glory

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