by Joshua and Kelsie Steele

Welcome, Kathryn Grace!

Last spring, when Kelsie and I learned that we were expecting a baby, our first task was to decide where to have the birth. Given the complications we experienced during Hosanna’s birth, we felt that this time it would be wisest to come home to the U.S. We’ve been here for nearly five months now, and God has blessed tremendously. Kathryn was born at my parent’s home in Texas, and both mother and baby are recovering quite well. Our midwife, Judith Hynds, and her assistant Jenee Ohrvall, did an outstanding job, and we highly recommend them both!

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Smoky Mountain Shindig

When Michael and Debi Pearl heard we were coming to the US for the birth of our baby, they invited Kelsie and I to speak at their third annual Shindig, scheduled for September 10-14. We agreed to come and were blessed beyond all expectation! While there isn’t room here to give a full report of all that happened during the conference, I’d like to share a few of the highlights.

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Baby on the way!

Today, we’re very excited to share with you the news that God has blessed our family with a new member! Kelsie is about ten weeks into her pregnancy, and we expect to welcome our little one into the world sometime in late December.

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Gearing Up for CMO

The April/May issue of our newsletter, Overseas Field Report, is now available. In this issue, we'll tell you about our current preparations for CMO 2014, especially with regard to the political crisis in Ukraine. Also included is an update on our Bible First program.

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News from the Front

The January-March issue of our newsletter, Overseas Field Report, is now available. In this issue, we'll give you the latest news on the developing crisis in Ukraine, including how current events will affect CMO 2014. Also in this issue, meet Nathan Gregson, our newest missionary intern here in Ukraine!

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Our Position in Ukraine

As you are no doubt aware, Ukraine is in the middle of a political crisis. The details of the conflict–which have grown more gory in recent days–are readily available on major news outlets, so I won’t waste space here repeating what’s been said by others. The purpose of this post is to inform you of our family’s position in Ukraine relative to current events.

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Gathering Fruit

The October-December issue of our newsletter, Overseas Field Report, is now available. In this issue, we've got lots to report about the fruit that God is bringing in as a result of this summer's CMO project.

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The Seven Pillars of Genesis, Part 7: Joseph

The following is an excerpt taken from the twentieth and final lesson of Bible First.

Joseph’s Forgiveness

Joseph is often acclaimed as the most complete type of Christ found in the Old Testament. Entire charts have been constructed to show the numerous parallels between the life of Joseph and the life of our Savior. Of all Joseph’s qualities, his forgiveness of those who had been his persecutors is among the most Christ-like.

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